Empower your team to make decisions based on data-driven insights

Apteco dashboards provide a clear and concise means of visualising and interacting with your customer data or customer data platform (CDP). In today’s diverse working environments, people need smart, flexible tools to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Now you can easily customise beautiful, branded dashboards to share insights across your organisation, with visualisations that are updated automatically to reflect the latest data refresh, so your team can always work with up-to-date information. 

Intuitive and easy-to-use
Intuitive and easy-to-use

Reduce the need for training, or a reliance on colleagues with specialist skills.

Filter and slice to build custom views
Filter and slice to build custom views

Add filters and drill-down to explore your data for an even clearer picture of your customers or CDP.

Selection of chart types
Selection of chart types

Choose from a large variety of charts types – from bar, to line, donut to pie, maps, funnels and radar charts, Venn diagrams and stacked charts.

Secure sharing
Secure sharing

Easily share a non-editable view of your dashboard with selected individuals or groups, even if they are non-Apteco licensed users.

Customised branding
Customised branding

Keep your brand at the forefront by adding logos and colour themes to your dashboards.

Access from anywhere
Access from anywhere

Dashboards can be designed for all screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring an optimal experience on any device.

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To show you how Apteco dashboards can be easily designed and customised for specific business scenarios, we have created five different dashboard styles.

Action style dashboard

The action dashboard enables analysis to be run and a mitigating strategy to be launched from the dashboard. An end-user can test hypotheses to optimise an outcome and democratisation of data is achieved using AI to simplify complex data analysis principles, ensuring accuracy and consistency. 

Dashboard styles - action

Analytical style dashboard

These dashboards provide in-depth reporting, focussing on a specific business function or topic with drill down functionality to reflect different levels of granularity, allowing users to explore areas of interest. The Analytical dashboard is frequently used to evaluate a situation and provide results of findings so the next course of action can be determined.

Dashboard styles - analytical

Exploratory style dashboard

These dashboards are created by advanced users on an ad hoc basis to help them understand complex information. This exploration process will allow an advanced users to determine the best means of visualising the data so that it can be clearly portray it to other users through one of the other dashboard styles.

Dashboard styles - exploratory

Management style dashboard

This is high level reporting, designed to inform at a glance. The management style dashboard typically reflects a situational status frequently using benchmarks to draw comparisons and is used on a regular basis to provide clarity and transparency to a broader audience.

Dashboard styles - management style

Tactical style dashboard

The tactical dashboard allows you to evaluate and react to results by focussing on a specific business scenario and reacting to observations, particularly those that are unexpected. This dashboard design permits analysis and the implementation of a mitigating strategy from the dashboard to influence performance.

Dashboard styles - Tactical

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