Since the project has been implemented, the team are delivering an increased level of campaigning across both channel and brand, including doubling the volumes of emails broadcast at 5% of the pre-change costs.



I like that the Apteco Marketing Suite™ is fast so you can get answers to questions really quickly. Everyone at Apteco gets in and gets their hands dirty, even if it’s not their job they’re willing to help out.

Laura Walker, Senior Insight Consultant, CACI

Callcredit Information Group

Callcredit Information Group has been using the Apteco Marketing Suite™ technology for over 10 years to deliver counts, profiling analysis, and extracts from their data assets. The Group also uses the technology as the tool for clients to access their customer databases hosted by Callcredit. We find the software to be user friendly for both developers and clients, and the Apteco team are great to work with.

Client services director ​​​​, Callcredit Information Group


Through, the use of Market Insight/Apteco FastStats tool combined with the D&B data, Canon has achieved full customer segmentation, it also continues to provide the visibility needed to help shape a ‘Customer Centric Approach’, which will ultimately drive a better customer experience over the medium term

John Marks, B2B Strategy Manager, Canon

CLIC Sargent

In short, the Apteco Marketing Suite™ is a brilliant tool which is intuitive and has been transformative in the way we work.

Stacey Wood, Fundraising Data Analyst, CLIC Sargent


We used Apteco FastStats® to predict fan retention and as part of the weekly performance management process to track where different risk score groups should be in terms of purchasing their season ticket. This was incredibly useful. With a few days to go, we still had 10,000 tickets to sell to hit target. With Apteco FastStats we knew the vast majority of these fans were very low risk meaning vital marketing activities were not used needlessly.

Kyle Cockett, Insight Manager, Everton


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