Step one

Choose a bundle that suits your needs


Small businesses

Starting at:

$768 / month

Selector bundle

Audience selections made easy. Create, refine and share campaign audiences.

  • Starts with 2 users
  • Includes hosting in the Apteco Cloud
  • Includes online access (via Apteco Orbit)
  • Marketing audience selections
  • Audience preview
  • Exports & outputs
  • Sharing & PDF export
  • One starter interactive dashboard

Enterprise level

Starting at:

$1,579 / month

Predictor bundle

Uncover deep insights into the customer journey and discover new marketing opportunities.

  • Starts with 2 users
  • Includes all Selector and Analyser bundle features
  • Predictive modelling
  • Cluster analysis
  • Best next offer
  • Segmentation tool
  • Open-source model integration
  • Behavioural modelling
  • Parallel distributed processing & fault resilience
  • Create PWE models and lookalikes

Step two

Now choose an optional "campaign" bundle for extra ooomph


Small businesses

Starting at:

$535 / month

Broadcaster bundle

Simple quick-fire campaigning. Execute single step campaigns and analyse responses.

  • Single step campaigns
  • Simple channels
  • Email & SMS upload & broadcast
  • Retained communication history
  • Automated CRM integration (Salesforce SalesCloud and Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
  • Seed handling
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Transactional response tracking
  • Control groups
  • Content personalisation
  • Social media channels
  • Social media listener

Medium businesses

Starting at:

$1,391 / month

Campaigner bundle

Enhance customer engagement with event triggered and highly bespoke multi-step journeys.

  • Includes all Broadcaster bundle features
  • Multi-step campaign management
  • Voucher handling
  • Real-time triggers & external data
  • Customisable data delivery
  • Campaign overview
  • Interaction triggers
  • Journey triggers

Enterprise level

Starting at:

$1,835 / month

Orchestrator bundle

Enterprise level, high powered and optimised campaigns to drive ROI across more channels.

  • Includes all Broadcaster and Campaigner bundle features
  • Campaign prioritisation & optimisation
  • Automated content optimisation
  • Campaigning at multiple levels
  • Multi-social media campaign delivery
  • Mobile push integration
  • Real-time pull API
  • 2 x PeopleStage instances

Step three

Supercharge your email with Apteco email

Please select a Campaign bundle to add Apteco mail

Step four

See your estimated costs*

Database size:


customers and prospects

Monthly cost:



Annual cost:



* The prices shown on this page are for the costs of our software and hosting in the Apteco Cloud. Apteco software can also be hosted or implemented on premise. Visit our implementation options page for more details. We supply our software through our approved partners and they can provide detailed costs based upon your preferred implementation requirements and additional services. We believe in transparency and all of our partners work with the same price list. We will guide you through the process of choosing a partner should you be interested in using our software within your business.

You can add additional users to your chosen bundles and increase capacity as the number of people in your database grows. Capability can be tailored to each user’s requirements so that individuals within your business have access to the tools suited to their role. All prices shown are based on RRP and exclusive of local taxes. Terms and conditions apply. Monthly and annual costs are displayed for illustrative purposes only and may include rounded up figures. Features listed may vary by deployment options.

This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact Apteco for a detailed quote based on the size of your database.

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