Demonstration data trial
Demonstration data trial

Sign up to the Apteco demonstration system to get started using our fictitious holiday marketing database and access over 2 million sample records.

Salesforce data trial
Salesforce data trial

Connect your Salesforce Sales Cloud data to the Apteco Orbit trial system, complimentary for 14-days to experience the power of Apteco Orbit.

Dataset explained

Our data models explained...

The full Apteco product range supports connections to many different data sources (including Salesforce) and supports more complex data models, but all the core functions of our software can be demonstrated with these data sets.

Demonstration data model

The sample marketing database we've made available for your free trial is based on 1.1 million customers of a fictitious holiday company and the 2.1 million holidays they've booked.

The data variables available in the system consist of geodemographic attributes of the customer such as postcode and occupation, bookings data including booking date, value and product, and web visits data such as time, duration and original source.

Although this data might not exactly match your business sector, the general structure of customer records with potentially many transactional records is a common one within marketing data. The data has been generated from a random data source, but is otherwise realistic, with most standard data types represented.

Salesforce data model

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When you start the trial you will be asked to login to Salesforce and grant permission for Apteco to access your Salesforce Sales Cloud data.

In order to connect your Salesforce data to our trial system, you will need to have the Salesforce API enabled. Please check Salesforce editions with API access to confirm if this is the case for the edition of Salesforce you are using.

Salesforce provides a standard object model that can be extended and customised. The trial uses the meta-data provided by Salesforce to offer you a choice of a number of suitable, simple Apteco configurations based on your Salesforce data model. We've chosen some basic data models that use the Accounts, Contacts, Orders and Contracts data available in Salesforce. 

Your data will download onto an Apteco managed server so that you can access it using our Apteco Orbit online platform. Each trial system is hosted on it's own server in the Apteco Cloud, your data is not held on a server that other users have access to. An Apteco trial system can also be built from a Salesforce Sandbox if you prefer. 

Apteco Cloud is regularly audited by Netcraft for vulnerabilities

Discover more about the Apteco Orbit marketing insights platform


Connect people and channels

Access all your connected data sources to make smarter, data-informed decisions from a single view of your first-party data, powered by FastStats Designer™. Then integrate and connect data with your preferred ESPs and fulfilment channels.

Connecting with people is easy too. Your data tells a story, and Orbit makes it easy for you to share insights and campaign reports with all relevant stakeholders in a simple, visual online format.

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Analyse your data

Embrace formidable analytics capabilities powered by Apteco FastStats® technology to explore your data. Create dashboards containing key insights with the ability to filter, build lists and drill down interactively from visualisations. 

Upload your logo and select or create colour themes to design beautiful, branded dashboards to share insights across your organisation. Visualisations are updated automatically to reflect the latest data refresh, so your teams can always work with up-to-date information. 

Orbit - analyse

Identify and target your audience

Better understand your audiences for more targeted and effective campaigns. Use data exploration and visualisation tools to convert large volumes of transactional, multi-channel data to identify your ideal audience, and create targeted customer segments.

Quickly create and check a target audience list for your campaign, and then export, or trigger a broadcast, using your chosen ESP. Empower your marketing teams to build audience definitions for themselves, directly from visualisations, at the moment of need.

Orbit - target

Manage your campaigns

Turn your insights into action, all within one platform. Send and monitor your campaigns with instant, real-time access to activity reports from Apteco PeopleStage™. Upload data and automate campaigns using your existing martech stack and ESPs or our campaign management tools.

Monitor the status and progress of your campaigns within the Orbit platform from any connected device, 24/7, so you can always use live insights to act fast.

Orbit - campaign

Supercharge your email marketing

Integrated email builder with easy-to-use editor and templates

Design, automate and send responsive highly personalised emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.

Experience the power of Apteco software first-hand with a personal demo