"I want my customers to get the most relevant communications based on where they are in their journey"

"I don’t want my customers to receive untimely, irrelevant communications."

What is customer journey analytics?

A customer journey is the sum of all the experiences that a person has with a brand. It includes everything from the moment of discovery, through to post-sales stages such as trust, loyalty and advocacy. Every customer journey can be different and it's constantly evolving — every new interaction has the potential to re-shape the journey, and a negative experience could stop it in its tracks completely. Optimising the customer journey is one of the most significant factors for marketers and having a customer-centric approach is considered key to marketing success.

Apteco software is platform-agnostic and will integrate with many of your existing channels and data sources, providing a comprehensive customer journey analytics solution from data consolidation, through to insights and visualisations, automation and optimisation.

Marketing priorities reporting chart
Data fusion
Data fusion

Consolidate and connect data from different tools and sources to access complete and accurate information. Connect your CRM, online store, and email data to understand how engagement with marketing communications impacts sales and conversions.

Journey discovery
Journey discovery

Understand patterns of customer behaviour to drive communication and business decisions. Easily identify, analyse, and target your data, by utilising selection mechanisms to filter and refine selections, and recency, frequency and value metrics to determine a customer’s worth.

Journey insights
Journey insights

Uncover the answers to your most important questions and make hypothesis to test and learn. Create dashboards to tell your data story visually from hypothesis to results, and use modelling tools to understand customer behaviour, to help you to predict future behaviour more accurately.

Journey automation
Journey automation

Put your data insights to work to get the best results. Automate your campaigns to support your creativity and communication. Schedule campaigns so that you can plan, create, and run them without any unnecessary interaction, using critical functionality to achieve hyper-personalisation.

Journey optimisation
Journey optimisation

Move to campaign prioritisation and optimisation to continuously improve and refine the customer journey. Generate reports ranging from operational information such as timings, volumes, and campaign status to marketing effectiveness such as ROI and engagement rates.

Supercharge your email marketing

Automate reliable email journeys

Design, automate and send responsive highly personalised emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.

Why is customer journey analytics important?

Today’s savvy customers have high expectations when it comes to their experiences with brands. They demand seamless, secure, omnichannel, on-demand and personalised interactions — and they have little patience for those that fail to deliver. 

How do customer journey mapping and analytics differ?

Customer journey analytics allows businesses to reflect and grasp the complexity of today’s customer journeys in an omnichannel environment. Instead of one generic view of all customers or a few personas, it provides a holistic overview of the entire journey on an individual customer basis. 

Customer journey mapping is the process of creating a visualisation of every interaction a customer has with a product, service, or brand. It’s a common method that organisations use to see their business from the customer’s perspective.

I want to streamline our customers' overall experience, but where do I start?

To optimise your customer journey management, you first need to understand their behaviour. For example, what has brought them to your website or store? What are they trying to achieve? Where are they experiencing friction? And what action has that friction led to? This is where customer journey analytics comes in. 

How can I analyse a customer journey more effectively?

For most organisations, it’s simply impossible to analyse every stage of every customer journey manually. 

Customer journey analytics tools, however, can process huge volumes of data. This data could include everything from email open rates and customer feedback, through to the frequency of website visits, the average value of spend — even social media behaviour.

Which Apteco platform will best assist me when focusing on improving the customer journey?

We want to give you peace of mind when choosing the right Apteco software to fit your business needs, and our team is on hand to help you make the right decision. To discover more about how we can help you, get in touch now.

Predicting fan retention with Apteco software was incredibly useful. We knew exactly which fans were at low risk of lapsing meaning vital marketing activities were not used needlessly.

Kyle Cockett, Insight Manager, Everton

Identify and remove hurdles to optimise the customer journey

Learn where and why abandonment is taking place so that more customers complete frictionless journey steps and have a better experience as a result. Measure your marketing effectiveness and ROI to inform your optimisation strategy and utilise A/B testing in audience selection, personalisation messaging and channel execution. PeopleStage campaign optimisation tools use data attributes, model scores or even a listed priority order to ensure that each customer receives the most appropriate set of campaigns. Segment migrations give important clues to the optimisation potential in your communications, offering indications for the most relevant marketing campaign – such as win back, churn prevention or incentives.

Segment Migrations

Use reporting to help uncover key insights

Reporting ideally shows a story and an outcome, from which critical decisions can be made, and strategies formed. Dashboard visualisations draw the eye to any trends or questions that you have about the patterns in the data, helping you to plan and proactively react to change. Use modelling tools to understand previous behaviours, helping you to predict future behaviour and select individuals for targeting, such as those who are likely to look like or act like your "best" customers, more accurately. It's also crucial to look at migration trends across large numbers of customers. Does this indicate changes in market conditions, increased competition, or seasonal buying behaviour? Monitoring migrations allows you to analyse large scale changes, see how long customers spend in different segments, and ensure that you understand the customer journey at all times.

Monitor migrations

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