"I want my customers to get the most relevant communications based on where they are in their journey"

"I don’t want my customers to receive untimely, irrelevant communications."

The priority for marketers

The customer journey is the most important factor for almost 80% of marketers according to our annual Data Trends report. It shows that customer-centricity remains key to marketing success. But in order to deliver relevant, timely marketing campaigns, marketers needs to have the tools to identify where each customer sits in their journey – and the ability to activate and engage quickly.

Churn Prevention

Churn Prevention

It's more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones, so churn prevention is key. Analysis of multiple variables can predict churn probability, allowing you to take appropriate measures to win back the customer.

Touchpoint journey

Touchpoint journey

Customers interact with brands in many ways through many channels. By timestamping each interaction you can identify the customer journey for each customer and focus on the touchpoints that are most valuable.

Closing the deal

Closing the deal

Recognising behaviours that indicate a purchase is imminent can help you convince customers to complete that purchase. The right message at the right time can make the difference, with subsequent messages thanking them for their continued loyalty.

We used Apteco FastStats® to predict fan retention and as part of the weekly performance management process to track where different risk score groups should be in terms of purchasing their season ticket. This was incredibly useful. With a few days to go, we still had 10,000 tickets to sell to hit target. With Apteco FastStats we knew the vast majority of these fans were very low risk meaning vital marketing activities were not used needlessly.

Kyle Cockett, Insight Manager, Everton

Segment migrations

Customers often drift from one segment to another, with a huge number of possible catalysts for this migration. 

Segment migrations give important clues to the optimisation potential in your communications, offering indications for the most relevant marketing campaign – such as win back, churn prevention or incentives.

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Monitoring migrations

It's also crucial to look at migration trends across large numbers of customers. Does this indicate changes in market conditions, increased competition, or seasonal buying behaviour? Monitoring migrations allows you to analyse large scale changes, see how long customers spend in different segments, and ensure that you understand the customer journey at all times.

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