Visualise your Salesforce Sales Cloud data using FastStats

Simply register FastStats Designer with your Salesforce account as a 'Connected App' to get started.

Bring your Salesforce data to life

Take advantage of your Salesforce data by linking it through to your FastStats system as a data source.The frequency of the data refresh can be decided depending on how often you need the data to sync. Then your Salesforce data can be accessed from within FastStats and used for data mining, visualisation, and to drive campaigns.

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Segmentation and targeting
Segmentation and targeting

Access your Salesforce data from within FastStats to create highly targeted segments and improve campaign performance.

Seamless connection
Seamless connection

To extract data, FastStats Designer uses the Salesforce Bulk API, which maximises performance and minimises the number of API calls to This ensures you stay within your Salesforce API limits and save costs.

Sharing data with sales teams
Sharing data with sales teams

Using our simple CRM integration wizard within the FastStats interface, you can export data segments directly from FastStats into your Salesforce Sales Cloud account in just a few simple steps.

Improve communication between marketing and sales teams

By sharing insights and data between your marketing and CRM systems, your sales team gets a better picture of each new prospect, helping them to tailor their messaging and convert more prospects. You can also drive campaigns with the latest sales information and data analysis, including using information about the later stages of the sales cycle to target future campaigns.

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Send highly targeted emails using Salesforce

Streamline your email marketing campaigns thanks to our digital integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. A simple menu allows you to export highly targeted mailing lists to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud email broadcasting platform. You also benefit from automated data uploads from Apteco PeopleStage™,  which means you and your team can start analysing engagement and response data immediately.

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