Client Greggs | Partner DataHQ | Industry Retail | Key objective Enhance customer loyalty

The challenge

After several months of due diligence, Greggs identified that Apteco marketing software was the software solution they needed to help resolve their data insight challenges. Using Apteco's practical directory tools they were able to find their perfect partner. Greggs approached Data HQ with a specific requirement - they wanted an Apteco software expert who could help them get closer to their customers.

Millions of customers pass through Greggs stores each week and the key source of customer data was captured via the Greggs Rewards Program – a handy mobile phone app which is used in-store with every transaction.

Greggs - the challenge 1

With data sources in numerous locations, Greggs were looking for a single customer view (SCV) database that allowed complete visibility of their Rewards customers. The business understood if they overcome this challenge they would open up the potential for a whole new raft of business and customer insights which, in turn, would drive new operational, product development and marketing opportunities. Another key business requirement was to use the Greggs Rewards App to launch a new ‘real-time’ customer satisfaction program and CRM program.

Greggs worked with two key organisations that helped capture and process the data. This included the App Developer and the SaaS Technology Company together with Greggs in-house IT team who were also involved in the process.

Greggs - the challenge 2
Without doubt, through implementing the full suite of Apteco marketing tools, Greggs have achieved their objective of getting closer to their rewards customers, revolutionising Greggs' marketing activity.

The Apteco solution

Given Greggs’ objectives and requirements, Data HQ proposed a solution that utilised all the key tools within Apteco software including Apteco FastStats®, FastStats Geo™ and Apteco PeopleStage™.

The fundamental deliverable underpinning this project was the development of a live Single Customer View (SCV) that had the capacity to incorporate hundreds of thousands of customer and transactional files per hour into a single database. Near real-time, customer data, updated within minutes of a transaction being made in-store would allow Greggs instant access to their customer data. Over 1 million communications using Apteco PeopleStage™ were distributed, made up of mostly push messages and emails - approximately 10k to 50k communications per day depending on new sign-ups and expiring rewards.

Providing the SCV to analysts and marketeers at Greggs through the powerful and intuitive front end delivered by Apteco FastStats, has, for the first time, allowed the team to gain a true understanding of their customers behaviours and motivations.

The impact on the business

Explore some examples of how companies currently benefit from the Apteco software.

Category planning
Category planning

Identify opportunities for growth
Apteco FastStats® data provides a view of whether product category growth is from multiple customers or whether it is an increase in frequency of purchase from the same customers, which helps to identify opportunities for growth.

Product development
Product development

Improved customer insight
Greggs use Apteco FastStats® to understand what typology is buying which products, so they know what to protect, what to grow and where there are gaps in the range. The business is now able to look at product affinity and to understand product dependency.

Product switching
Product switching

Insights into product preference
Historically Greggs used insights to report on product switching. When there was growth in one area and decline in another it was assumed that customers were switching products. Apteco FastStats® enabled Greggs to test these theories.

Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction

12% Response rate from questionnaires
In the past, Greggs relied on the costly process of ‘mystery shopping’ to monitor customer satisfaction. With the new solution and the implementation of Apteco PeopleStage™ the business has instant access to customer feedback without the need for human intervention. Within 30 minutes of purchase customers are sent a simple survey via their mobile app to request feedback. Customers are targeted every 7th purchase and no more than once every 6 weeks. Since launch in June 2017, there have been nearly 100,000 C-sat questionnaires sent out via Apteco PeopleStage™ and Greggs have received 11,206 fully completed responses – 12% response rate.

Incentivised promotions
Incentivised promotions

Purchases of Lucozade doubled
For the first time, a product incentivised promotion has been run through Apteco PeopleStage™. Live data was used to allocate a unique promotion code when a customer made a purchase of Lucozade and an email was triggered to the customer in near real time, negating the need of a painful customer redemption process. This ran between 29/06/2017 and 29/08/2017 resulting in almost double the amount of Lucozade purchases based on the previous 2 months.

The impact of Apteco software for Greggs is the complete transparency around the customer journey. The new solution tracks the value of the Greggs customer and how this evolves over time.