FastStats Geo Module

Geographical analysis and visualisation software 

FastStats Geo Module

Apteco FastStats Geo

Gain additional insight into your marketplace using the geographical marketing module for Apteco FastStats®. Apteco FastStats® Geo highlights areas of untapped potential. It facilitates campaign planning and execution by helping you visualise the spatial distribution of your customer data using common mapping services via integrations with Microsoft MapPoint, Microsoft Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap.

Geographic market segmentation provides your business with an opportunity to reach new markets before your competitors, simply by being able to visualise customers’ and prospects’ locations.

This information can then be used to build custom maps tailored to your data for more focused geographic marketing campaigns, or to target specific products and services at prospects within a particular geographical region.

Easy to use

The insights gathered from Geo can be used immediately within Apteco FastStats® to create a geographic marketing campaign. Alternatively, you can use the maps supplied to plan and balance territories for your sales team.

Download Apteco FastStats® Geo Product Sheet

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