Apteco celebrated a night of light with over 100 customers, partners and friends.

James Alty was selected for the DataIQ 100 for his work and efforts in enabling clients to create insight and communicate it to a wide business audience. By supplying the Apteco Marketing Suite™ through a network of partners, James has seen Apteco grow to be a successful international business with...

The Q1 2019 software release sees Apteco take its first step towards a browser based software solution, and includes more powerful expressions and 'on-the-fly' aggregations to help users summarise data more quickly and simply.

At Apex 2018, Apteco’s exclusive partner event, held on Thursday 15th November 2018, Qbase, REaD Group and b.telligent were announced as winners of the annual partner awards.

Thanks to all of our delegates for attending this year’s user group conference.