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25 Feb 2021  |  by Liz Walker

Communicating across social media platforms

Campaigning has always been about the idea to converse with an audience with interest or potential interest in your brand, products, and services. It is a chance to showcase the benefits of what your brand stands for, what you offer and your aspirations for the future.

Whether you contact your audience through direct mail (DM) or email or a post on your social platforms, you will have considered the best way to reach you target audience through analysis and monitoring previous campaign channel success. It maybe that several channels are decided to lead the way in this and maybe some that are put on the back burner for later consideration.

We all know that having regular conversations with customers and prospects is the best way of peaking interest and converting that interest into brand loyalty and advocacy. Cutting through the noise of other brands fighting for attention is the only way to make sure your brand is front of mind when required for personal customer milestones.

Ensuring content remains fresh, inspirational, and appealing is no mean feat especially across multiple social platforms, and ensuring that each channel is perfectly synchronised in messaging takes operational coordination. Surely the conclusion here would be to ensure that there is one central place to schedule, maintain, output, and monitor the overall campaign success as well as the different channels without doubling the workload to bring it all together in the first place.

The social power of Apteco PeopleStage

Apteco PeopleStage, is a multi-stage campaigning tool with a focus to serve diverse content across multi-channels based on a schedule. The path of customer messaging can be determined by the recording of a preference, the interaction of a customer, or a trigger in third party data to name but a few occasions to cater for. One focus for PeopleStage over the last year has been to improve the usability for the social media capability within the tool. One of the main objectives was to enable time saving campaigning mechanisms, so that the operational side of delivering content was taken care of leaving more time for creative and strategic thinking.

Multi social functionality was released in Q4 2020, with the purpose of allowing marketers to schedule a campaign (now, future or reoccurring), which will send posts to multiple social platforms in one go. Tone of voice, imagery and media uploaded to each platform can be different but set up within the same campaign.

Where there is a rotation of general content across the platforms, PeopleStage can ensure that this content is posted on a regular basis, to each platform as scheduled. The campaign can be instantly paused if alternative content is required instead and later resumed on the schedule as needed.

The other element is understanding channel success – not just across social platforms but wider – did the email supporting the post have the desired impact? How about the push notification sent or the prospect DM. Rather than spending the time logging into platforms to source all the information into one report, campaign metrics from PeopleStage campaigns can be collated into one dashboard report in Apteco Orbit to visualise the channel and content winners and to aid future decision making.

The ability to create insightful centralised reporting, from campaigns set up easily and efficiently whilst maintaining flexibility for creative change and strategic direction. This should be every campaign platform’s aim and it is certainly ours.

To learn more about campaigning and communicating with your audience check out our latest eGuide.

Liz Walker


Liz joined the Consultancy Team in 2018.  Liz is both CIM and IDM qualified in Direct and Digital marketing and with over 12 years’ experience within data, marketing and campaigning across financial services, utilities, retail and leisure and B2B.

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