Meet the Finalists

Posted: 15 Nov 2018

Apteco is proud to announce the finalists for the Best use of the Apteco Marketing Suite Award 2018.

DERTICKETSERVICE.DE and Bertelsmann Campaign 

Papa John’s and Data HQ

IKEA AG and Key-Work Consulting

This year’s annual Apteco User Group Conference sees three of Apteco’s partners and their clients compete for the coveted Best use of the Apteco Marketing Suite Award. This award will go to the partner and client who get the highest number of votes following a short presentation from each of the finalists at the conference.

DERTICKETSERVICE.DE and Bertelsmann Campaign will discuss their use of the Apteco Print Automation channel in FastStats PeopleStage and how the use of this offline channel helped to get them closer to their customers with personalised communications. logo      Campaign logo

Papa John’s and Data HQ will illustrate how the Apteco Marketing Suite has helped to develop new approaches to modelling to drive more successful direct marketing campaigns which have also worked to engage the franchisees.

Papa Johns logo      Data HQ logo

IKEA and Key-Work Consulting will talk about their use of the Apteco Marketing Suite to run simultaneous multi-channel campaigns using multiple languages to drive an uplift in product sales.

Ikea logo      Key Work logo

Apteco wish all of the finalists the best of luck.