Introducing Apteco's interactive dashboarding tool

Posted: 14 Feb 2020

Apteco's intelligent dashboarding tool has been launched

Dashboard screen graphicApteco's new interactive dashboarding tool is now available on the Apteco Orbit online platform. The newly launched dashboard functionality has been designed to be simple to use and quick to set-up, enabling fast and flexible transformation of customer data. The functionality includes a host of visualisations which help to make data easily digestible for those hoping to uncover actionable insights.


Apteco dashboards aim to provide marketers with a tool to achieve the following:

  • Beautiful dashboards that are easy to create, using the intuitive drag-and-drop feature
  • A host of data visualisation options that can be generated quickly and simply, with little or no training  
  • Filters and drill downs to help marketers get meaningful answers to their data questions
  • A customised, immediate view of data and the ability to share it in just a few clicks
  • Informed audience selections that can be used in marketing campaigns


Find out more - Watch Apteco's quick how-to videos!

Apteco's dashboarding tool delivers powerful data clarity and insights to provide teams with a more collaborative, visual way to work. To find out more about Apteco dashboards and how to create and use them, click on the links below to watch the 'how-to' videos. Apteco has also updated the online help with the new dashboard functionality and the support team are ready to assist!

Creating your dashboard  and  Using your dashboard