Apteco's latest software release Q1 2019

Posted: 28 Mar 2019

release notes

The Q1 2019 software release sees Apteco take its first step towards a browser based software solution, and includes more powerful expressions and 'on-the-fly' aggregations to help users summarise data more quickly and simply.

Significantly in this software release a new Audiences tool is available within the Apteco Orbit™ platform. This is the first step by Apteco to move its software applications from the current Windows platform into a browser. The tool is aimed at marketing users wanting to create, refine and share campaign audiences with their colleagues in an easy to use and safe environment.

Charts and data previews offer reassurance that the audience created is correct, so that users can confidently export the data for use in a campaign, or utilise directly within the Apteco PeopleStage™ campaign automation product. The audience tool is delivered within the Apteco Orbit platform and is the first chargeable browser functionality available within Apteco’s new licensing bundles. Any licensed Apteco FastStats® users can choose to start using this tool to create audiences, and any work they produce can be accessed in the FastStats Windows platform if further refinement or more complex insight is required. 

In the Q1 2019 software release Apteco FastStats now supports running and rolling on-the-fly aggregations for increased insight. A new explorer area has been added to allow resources created in Orbit to be utilised in FastStats. For better continuity calculated measures are now supported in CubeLookup expressions and improvements have been made to the PatternMatch aggregation function.

In Apteco PeopleStage™, Campaign Optimisation remains in BETA for this release and special processing has been introduced to handle audience selections that contain random elements such as N-per clauses. Server processing has been developed to handle longer time windows where an individual may be reserved for multiple campaigns, and our new PeopleStage online help is now available to users from within the product. 

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Visit the Knowledge Base on the Apteco Portal to read knowledge base articles on the new features in this release (only available for existing Apteco partners and users).