Apteco Q4 2022 software release now available

Posted: 05 Jan 2023

Take a look at the highlights from Apteco's Q4 2022 software release

This quarter is all about adding even more power to our software. The Q4 2022 software release includes significant improvements which aim to help our users to put insight into action more effectively than ever. 

Apteco Orbit™ features two dimensional cubes which can be added to a dashboard by choosing the Cube type from the tile editor panel. Cube totals are now enabled by default and re-calculated accordingly when using category display. A default sort can also be applied to the total of the first measure and then modified by a dashboard user. To see data in the cube, you need to add two dimensions and at least one measure.Cubes

Import textIn this release we have also added power to dashboards and audiences filters by allowing you to upload a file of text criteria such as email addresses or product names straight into Orbit. 

You can now specify inclusion or exclusion criteria on a text variable by linking to an existing file of text values or uploading a new file of text values. If you reference an existing file or upload a new file, any subsequent change to the file will be used in the selection criteria. This new feature means marketers can easily apply lists of text values for a variety of purposes, for example suppressing ad-hoc complainers by email address, or identifying VIPs by name, or selecting product ranges by description, etc.

Visually we've introduced a significant visual change across all UI text on the Orbit platform. This new standardised typography improves the consistency, readability, and accessibility of our UI text.

Thematic mappingThe major enhancement to FastStats® mapping capabilities in Q4 is the development of the new territories wizard (previously used with Microsoft MapPoint). This functionality has been redesigned in order to work seamlessly with Microsoft Bing Maps. Now you can more easily generate map visualisations that are thematically shaded, according to your selected metric, for example the number of people.

Behavioural modellingThis release extends the functionality for visualising and identifying a diverse set of predictive features for use in a data model in FastStats and includes several enhanced features. You can also now view Insight Type, Insight Coverage, and Insight PWE as columns in the Dimensions list and sort dimensions based on whether they are selected. This is helpful for aligning the cells which automatically follow the same sort order.