Our future post-pandemic world – How is the world of business changing?

23 Aug 2022 - 08 Nov 2022

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Contrast your pandemic workplace experience to that of other organisations

We are all aware that the pandemic has brought about many changes in the business world. For example, we have seen a shift to online trading, and a general movement towards remote working. But, have all industries experienced change, and how permanent do we think these changes are? More importantly, what should we be doing to ensure that our businesses continue to thrive?

To answer these questions, Apteco Australia in conjunction with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), and BDO are running a series of seminars to explore how different organisations are addressing changes in work practices and meeting the new expectations of employees, suppliers, and customers.  

To understand the impact of the pandemic across different industries and regions, we are running seminars across the country. Each seminar will focus on a different sector to allow us to draw upon the experiences and opinions of specific industry experts.

Click on the following panel discussions to find out more and to register your place at a local event:

Following the seminars, Apteco Australia will be working in collaboration with BDO and the Chamber to collate and publish a white paper summarising the feedback results. The white paper will be made available towards the end of 2022.

We look forward to meeting you at one of the seminars!