FastStats Tutorial Episode 3: Segment and Analyse Customers By Loyalty

Segment and Analyse Customers By Loyalty 

In the third of our FastStats tutorial series illustrating how FastStats can answer some of the key questions you have about your customers, our short video will show how the segmentation tool allows you to analyse predefined segments of your database. It can be used to analyse customer loyalty and explore patterns over time as customers take a journey with your business.  

Using our fictitious travel company database of over 1 million people, this example will illustrate how it’s possible to define and analyse customer segments by the frequency and value of their transactions.

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Melanie Davis

Marketing Manager

Melanie Davis has been Marketing Manager at Apteco Ltd since 2007. Her role in driving the FastStats® brand to support Apteco’s partner channel includes a wide range of marketing activities from advertising and website development to exhibitions and events. Melanie has worked as a B2B marketer in the data and direct marketing industry for over 14 years and is responsible for the annual FastStats® user group conference which now attracts over 250 delegates.