Apteco Designer

Software to help you build Apteco FastStats® databases for analysis.

Your data, your way

Depending on your system set-up, populating a new marketing database can be a daunting prospect. Apteco Designer helps reduce these concerns, allowing database building to be performed via an intuitive graphical Extract, Transform and Load interface.

Initial database building takes just a few mouse clicks, using a single view to draw information from other data stores across your company. “Drag and drop” tools make light work of linking datasets and creating relationships, and a single click will quickly and easily extract and load information into FastStats®. In this way, complex data sets can be built to create a single customer view, allowing accurate and in-depth marketing analysis and reporting.

Designer- Database Building Tool

Using Apteco Designer you can:

  • Build Apteco FastStats® databases from multiple sources, creating new value from your existing software investments.
  • Attach to standard data sources including OLE DB or ODBC databases, delimited and fixed column files.
  • “Drag and drop” to link data tables and specify join relationships.
  • Auto detect name, size, data type and content of variables.
  • Report statistics and frequency of coded items.
  • Single click zip and deploy to install updated Apteco FastStats® systems.

Phenomenal power

Apteco Designer will help you optimise large data volumes ready for high performance analysis, running in the background to provide the insights you need without affecting other users or systems. Database building has never been so easy.

Download Apteco Designer Product Sheet

Next Steps

Looking for more information? Our demos and case studies could inspire you with ideas for using Apteco FastStats® in your business. Or perhaps you’re ready to choose a partner? If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please get in touch by phone or email. Our experienced team will offer advice tailored to your challenges.