Social media integrations

Integrate your Apteco Marketing Suite system with Facebook and Twitter to create highly targeted and automated posts, adverts and tweets. 


Save time by automating your social media activities

Apteco PeopleStage integrates with social media so that you can effortlessly create posts, adverts and tweets as part of your automated marketing campaigns. The Apteco Marketing Suite integrates with Facebook and Twitter, so that:

  • Posts and tweets can be customised within Apteco PeopleStage to create highly targeted communications.
  • Adverts can be created without the need to use Facebook’s own Advert Manager application to save time when setting up campaigns.
  • Your marketing team can track email, direct and social activity responses in Apteco PeopleStage to get a true picture of overall campaign success.

Integration of campaign results that include traditional channels and social media will help marketers assess the true value of social activities.

FastStats Social Media Integration

Multi-channel automated campaigns including FacebookHow does the Facebook integration work?

The Apteco PeopleStage Facebook integration allows 3 types of posts / adverts:

  • Facebook unpublished posts are predefined posts within Facebook which are not visible on your company Facebook page until the Apteco PeopleStage campaign runs.
  • Facebook direct posts are posts created and customised from within Apteco PeopleStage and published on your company Facebook page.
  • Facebook Adverts can be created in Apteco PeopleStage without the need to use Facebook's own Advert Manager application (if preferred). Alternatively, you can trigger existing Facebook adverts from within Apteco PeopleStage. The custom audience, with an option to include “Lookalikes” is uploaded into Facebook.

The Apteco Marketing Suite Social Response Gatherer runs scheduled batch jobs to collect page insights, post insights, post likers, post commenters, post sharers and advert statistics, which includes RSVP details for event responses. Facebook App-scoped user IDs are identified and the likers, commenters and sharers from the original audience may then be re-targeted in Apteco PeopleStage to create a highly engaged audience.

Automate multi-channel campaigns with TwitterHow does the Twitter integration work?

Apteco PeopleStage™ integrates with Twitter to send tweets and gather responses. As part of a multi-channel Apteco PeopleStage campaign you can now add Twitter as one of your social media channel options and automate tweets to create consistent and timely communications.

  • Send adverts and direct tweets
  • Gather reply and retweet responses
  • Twitter direct messaging - Send a personalised message to a single recipient. This message will remain private and not appear in the individual’s timeline. Direct Messages can only be sent to those recipients that follow your Twitter feed or who have given explicit permission for Direct Messages.

Next Steps

Looking for more information? Our demos and case studies could inspire you with ideas for using the Apteco Marketing Suite in your business. Or perhaps you’re ready to choose a partner? If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please get in touch by phone or email. Our experienced team will offer advice tailored to your challenges.