Direct Mail Integrations

The Apteco Marketing Suite will help you to automate your direct mail process and segment your customer database with ease. Testing can be done simply and effectively, as you are able to send multiple, personalised runs at one time.

Apteco FastStats® allows you to analyse and mine your database to choose the right audience for your campaign and then seamlessly sends your list directly to your fulfilment centre.


Maximise your productivity and save time, by automating your direct mail campaigns

Using the Apteco Marketing Suite to automate your direct mail, means that you have complete control of your campaign. From personalisation and testing to data segmentation and timings, you’ll be able to:

Digital integration

  • Automate data selections to ensure that you don’t miss another deadline.
  • Segment lists with ease and mine your data to create targeted lists.
  • Efficiently test creative, messaging, products and audience with confidence.
  • Securely transfer your data to your chosen fulfilment house.

Effectively manage your budget, to ensure you never over spend again

Apteco PeopleStage will help you to manage you marketing budget efficiently. Set your maximum spend and data volumes for your mailing campaigns will be adjusted appropriately.

How does it work?

Data mining with Apteco FastStats® gives you a 360º view of your customers and their behaviour, helping you to identify purchasing trends to boost revenue. 

Apteco PeopleStage helps you to improve planning and deployment of campaigns, automation of multi-channel, event driven campaigns, improving responsiveness. Apteco PeopleStage integrates seamlessly with an FTP server to send contact lists and related information to a mailing house.

Next Steps

Looking for more information? Our demos and case studies could inspire you with ideas for using the Apteco Marketing Suite in your business. Or perhaps you’re ready to choose a partner? If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please get in touch by phone or email. Our experienced team will offer advice tailored to your challenges.