FastStats Modelling™ 

Customer profiling and data modelling 

FastStats Modelling Module

Informed targeting decisions with FastStats Modelling

Data modelling using FastStats Modelling is not only powerful, but also fast, intuitive, simple to use and designed with both the marketer and data analyst in mind. The  powerful graphical interface of Apteco’s modelling tools, with intuitive drag and drop technology integrates directly with Apteco FastStats® to inform your targeting decisions.

  • Increase response rates by targeting more effectively
  • Use the profile of your best customers to acquire more customers
  • Identify markets with the most potential
  • Cross and up sell to your most responsive clients
  • Detect groups of customers with similar characteristics
  • Calculate the best next offer for each customer
  • Process millions of records in seconds
  • Build models and campaigns in one integrated environment
  • Integration with R gives access to a wide range of modelling techniques
  • Use past transactional behaviour to predict a customer’s most likely next purchase
  • Recognise customers who are likely to lapse

Customer profiling – discover the key characteristics

Insight into your market is essential for the creation and distribution of clear, relevant marketing communications. Processing millions of records in just a few seconds, FastStats Modelling highlights the characteristics that are most prevalent within your existing customer base. You can then use this information to source more records with the same characteristics for lead generation and prospecting purposes. Market Penetration and Potential reports show the sectors in which you are under and over represented. FastStats® also allows you to compare two groups of customers that have been acquired from different channels or have responded to different campaigns. This means that significant characteristics can be identified and utilised in future communications.

Data modelling – predict the behaviour of prospects and customers

Once your customer profile or cluster analysis has been created a model can be applied which scores, ranks and segments every record in your Apteco FastStats® database. FastStats Modelling offers three main modelling techniques and an integration with R gives advanced analytical users access to many more modelling techniques including:

  • Profiling
  • Decision Tree Models (including CHAID)
  • Clustering

Next Steps

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