FastStats Excelsior™ 

Customised reporting of marketing data 

FastStats Excelsior Module

Combine the power of FastStats & Microsoft Excel

FastStats Excelsior combines the analytical power of FastStats® with the flexibility of Excel to manipulate and present data driven results. FastStats Excelsior allows you to build & present integrated reports customised to suit your organisation’s unique reporting requirements. Results can be refreshed with a single click for on-demand reporting.

  • Customise reports precisely to your unique requirements
  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Refresh reports to get the latest results at the touch of a button
  • Create interactive reports with predefined choices for users with little or no training
  • Save valuable time when producing regular reports
  • Cost effective add-on to existing FastStats® applications
  • Familiar user interface reduces training required
  • Utilise existing investment in Excel to distribute reports to a much wider audience

Simple configuration of reports

The familiar user interface reduces the need for training required  and creating a FastStats Excelsior report couldn’t be simpler. Create and save Selections, Cubes & Charts in Excel ready for customisation. Excel functionality, such as formulae and charts can be used to manipulate the data, derive results and present them in an attractive format.

Allows data to be drawn from multiple information stores for even greater insight

FastStats Excelsior allows you to incorporate data from external sources with FastStats® data in a single report. Additional information from an organisation’s budget, sales, operations etc. can all be integrated with FastStats® marketing data using the FastStats Excelsior workbook to create truly powerful reports customised for the business and its unique reporting needs.

FastStats Excelsior gives you:

    • Customise reports precisely to your unique requirements
    • The analytical power of FastStats® with the flexibility of Excel
    • The ability to refresh reports at the touch of a button
    • User access rights controlled through FastStats® 
    • The facility to prepare high level summaries & management dashboards
    • Automatic scheduled refresh and email delivery of reports 

Download Apteco FastStats® Excelsior Product Sheet

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