Apteco FastStats

Data exploration, analysis and visualisation tools that allow you to dissect your customer data any way you wish for improved insight and campaign targeting.

Discoverer: Data Analysis Software

Apteco FastStats overview

Apteco FastStats® software provides a comprehensive suite of data exploration and visualisation tools that will help your business understand customer behaviour. A simple to use ‘drag and drop’ interface allows your team to perform powerful data analysis with ease and can be extended through optional add-on modules for data modelling, reporting and mapping.

FastStats Modelling

FastStats Modelling™ informs your targeting decisions and uses common analytical techniques to help you understand customer behaviour and target your communications more effectively. Integration with R provides advanced analytical users access to even more complex and valuable modelling techniques to give you real customer insight.

FastStats Excelsior

FastStats Excelsior™ allows you to build custom reports configured to your business needs, and share the results with your colleagues. Because FastStats Excelsior™ unites Excel and Apteco FastStats® visualisations, the resulting reports are even more powerful.

FastStats Geo

Gain insight by visualising the locations of customers and prospects using the geographical module for Apteco FastStats®. FastStats Geo™ facilitates campaign planning and execution by helping you understand the spatial distribution of your customer data, using common mapping services via integrations with Microsoft Bing® Maps or OpenStreetMap.