FastStats Modelling™ Module

Customer profiling and data modelling software 

FastStats Modelling Module

FastStats Modelling 

Getting to know your customers and prospects is essential if you want your marketing messages to meet their needs and align with their interests. FastStats Modelling customer profiling software informs your targeting decisions using common analytical techniques including:

  • Market penetration.
  • Customer profiling analysis.
  • Patented Predictive Weight of Evidence (PWE) scoring.
  • Decision trees (including CHAID).
  • Clustering.

Armed with these insights, you can:

  • Make informed targeting decisions based on customer profiling analysis.
  • Discover the key characteristics of your customers.
  • Increase response rates by targeting customers more effectively based on their interests and preferences.
  • Predict the behaviour of prospects and customers and create plans accordingly.
  • Use your customer profiles to find more of the same for prospecting.
  • Cross- and up-sell to the most responsive existing customers.
  • Identify and focus on markets and sectors with high potential.
  • Recognise which customers are likely to lapse in the future.
  • Detect groups of customers with similar characteristics, helping to segment your marketing database for new campaigns.

Modelling Integration

Because FastStats Modelling integrates directly with Apteco FastStats®, insights gleaned using the customer profiling software can be used and reused throughout your marketing platform.

Download Apteco FastStats™ Modelling Product Sheet

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