Apteco FastStats

Data exploration, data analysis and marketing data mining software. Apteco FastStats® data analysis software can be extended through optional add-on modules:

Discoverer: Data Analysis Software

Apteco FastStats overview

Apteco FastStats® provides a comprehensive suite of data exploration and visualisation tools that will help your business carry out more efficient and effective marketing. A simple to use “drag and drop” interface allows your team to perform even the most powerful analysis with ease and view all your data in ways that are both meaningful and actionable.

FastStats Modelling Module

Extend your data analysis using this specialist customer profiling module, FastStats Modelling allows you to make even more finely tuned marketing decisions based on robust statistical techniques.

FastStats Excelsior Module

Unite the power of Apteco FastStats® with the flexibility of Microsoft Excel in FastStats Excelsior, to further manipulate and report on your marketing campaign data.

FastStats Geo Module

FastStats Geo integrates your marketing data with a range of mapping solutions to help your business better understand the geographical spread of your customers, and identify potential new markets.