A scalable database system from the Apteco Marketing Suite


Want to learn more about the Apteco Marketing Suite system architecture?

If your IT team is looking into implementing an Apteco Marketing Suite solution, or you’re an Apteco Marketing Suite implementation partner, here is some technical information about how data queries are processed by the Apteco FastStats® WebService.

The Apteco Marketing Suite application architecture

The Apteco Marketing Suite application architecture is a scalable database system, designed to be fast, resilient and secure as information is accessed and manipulated by your marketing team. The process of data access is outlined below.

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An Apteco Marketing Suite user presses the execute button to access data within the Apteco Marketing Suite application.


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An xml message is then sent online from the user’s PC to the listening Apteco FastStats® WebService.


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The query is received by the Apteco FastStats® WebService and checked to ensure that the user is connected to the server and has valid logon credentials.


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Once security checks are complete, the message/query is forwarded to the SQL Control Database. An audit trail records details of the user’s activities, ensuring that the system is being used responsibly. The database server also decides which Apteco FastStats® service will complete the user’s request.


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As the data operations complete, they are sent back to the user via the WebService.

Although the process is quite complex, data queries complete incredibly quickly, delivering important marketing data in a timely fashion.

WebService implementation guidance

When deploying the Apteco FastStats® WebService, the following design guidelines need to be considered:

  • The Apteco FastStats® WebService should sit outside the partner’s and client’s private network.
  • The SQL Control Database, Apteco FastStats® Service and Apteco FastStats® Database should all reside within the Private Network. The Private Network can be located at either the partner or the client data centre.
  • Apteco FastStats® has its own proprietary database store. It is our method of storing data more efficiently for querying and analysis, helping to make it faster than a standard SQL database.
  • The Source data shown in the diagram can be taken from a variety of sources such as an SQL database, Oracle, BB2, Postgres, flat file and CSV delimited file.
  • Once you deploy the Apteco FastStats® Database, it will sit on the Production Server where you can carry out work for clients, or on your own data to improve your marketing campaign success.

The Apteco Marketing Suite application architecture is designed to provide security and resilience without placing additional resource demands on your infrastructure. Industry standard technologies improve speed and efficiency, giving your team the data they need, when they need it.

Next Steps

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