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Centaur Direct Marketing

I couldn’t do my job without the Apteco Marketing Suite. I could not demonstrate my product. I could not portray our lists as solutions. I could not help my clients. the Apteco Marketing Suite is an essential part of what I do.

Jeremy Green, Sales Manager

Consumer Cloud

We have used the Apteco Marketing Suite since we started and whilst reviews of other similar software are undertaken our tests have consistently shown that the Apteco Marketing Suite provides the best functionality, compatibility, ease of use and affordability.

Jed Mooney, Managing Director


The speed and simplicity of the Apteco Marketing Suite has made a significant contribution to PDSA's campaign planning and campaign production and we have been delighted with the product's impact on our marketing team.

Shaun Williams, Head of Marketing Services


Apteco are operationally second to none, all the team are fantastic...I have been using the Apteco Marketing Suite since 1997 so I have seen the application evolve through time ensuring the primary focus is always delivering insight to the finger tips of Campaign Managers, Database Analysts and Marketing Managers. The beauty about the the Apteco Marketing Suite is you don’t need to be a programmer to use it or a statistician to understand it. The only requirement for the user is to understand the data that’s in it and the business you’re in. The Apteco Marketing Suite™ has given me the facility to produce the analysis I need in aiding major marketing decisions from campaign strategies, customer file complexion reports to profiling and modelling, without a reliance on IT experts.

Paresh Patel, Head of Business Insight

Just Rick Ltd

I have worked closely with Apteco for over 13 years now and have nothing but the highest regard for them. My personal experience using their software (Apteco FastStats®, Apteco PeopleStage, Designer, Excelsior, Geo-Mapping, Modelling and Cascade) together with my Apteco Marketing Suite clients has been nothing but the best. Their support, sales and training are all first class and highly professional. I never cease to be amazed at how many new features and improvements they manage to cram into each of the quarterly update releases – so well done to the Apteco developers. If you’re lucky enough to get invited to one of their annual Apteco User Group Conferences, you are in for a real treat, with their ever changing choice of venues and the various presentations and workshops that are all interesting and educational.

Rick Klink, Database Consultant