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Everton FC

We used Apteco FastStats® to predict fan retention and as part of the weekly performance management process to track where different risk score groups should be in terms of purchasing their season ticket. This was incredibly useful. With a few days to go, we still had 10,000 tickets to sell to hit target. With Apteco FastStats® we knew the vast majority of these fans were very low risk meaning vital marketing activities were not used needlessly.

Kyle Cockett, Insight Manager Everton FC


Through, the use of Market Insight/Apteco FastStats tool combined with the D&B data, Canon has achieved full customer segmentation, it also continues to provide the visibility needed to help shape a ‘Customer Centric Approach’, which will ultimately drive a better customer experience over the medium term.

John Marks, B2B Strategy Manager, Canon


The Apteco Marketing Suite provides our clients with a direct access to a robust marketing platform. It really helps us to optimise our clients’ activity and get the right message to the right person at the right time. The Apteco Marketing Suite is incredibly intuitive to use and that means that users of all technical abilities can get what they need to out of the data.

Daniel Guest, Director

UK Changes

We resell the Apteco Marketing Suite onto clients and they use it to get a good clean view of their data and to enable them to make data selections and customer insight reports. Apteco develops the Marketing Suite all the time which is brilliant so new features are always coming out. They’re always really happy to come out with you to meetings and meet your clients to help you solve all of their problems.

Claire Warner, Data Marketer/Analyst


I like that the Apteco Marketing Suite is fast so you can get answers to questions really quickly. Everyone at Apteco gets in and gets their hands dirty, even if it’s not their job they’re willing to help out.

Laura Walker, Senior Insight Consultant

Wood for Trees

We find that when we go out and demo the Apteco Marketing Suite to people it just hits the mark every time, it’s the right delivery of the right functionality at the right price point and it’s really easy to use, it’s a pleasure to demo. We know that we can rely on Apteco to deliver what’s needed in the platform.

Matt Tamea, Solutions Director


The Apteco Marketing Suite is very cost effective. I’ve used some tools that have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and I get the same out of the Apteco Marketing Suite that I got out of some of those.

Nigel Grimes, Director

Blueberry Wave

We like the Apteco Marketing Suite because it gives us confidence that our clients are getting the maximum value, but also that they’re getting the maximum impact from their data.

Ben Warren, Business Development Manager