Finalist: Best use of the Apteco Marketing Suite Award 2017

International Fundraising Leadership (IFL) & Adroit

Adroit revolutionised the delivery of the benchmarking initiative with the introduction of the Apteco Marketing Suite™ in 2017


International Fundraising Leadership
Industry Sector
Key Marketing Objective
Fewer figures, more strategic & actionable insight

The Challenge

Adroit were selected to deliver and revolutionise the global benchmarking project in 2017 and were tasked with implementing the vision of the project which was “fewer figures, more strategic & actionable insight”, whilst also achieving the following three core objectives: 

  • Deliver a concise and highly visual analysis across the participating organisations and markets to inform senior audiences, who may not all be fundraisers, on key trends and highlighting on where the opportunities and issues are. This component is focused on core insight and should be attractive both in contents and formats. 

  • Provide a Business Intelligence solution that can be securely and remotely accessed by agreed users to dig out further insight through filters rendering all the dimensions available from the datasets e.g. Source origin, Gift type, Initial value band, Payment method, etc. The solution proposed should be easy to navigate and allow intuitive data exploration to users with minimum training.

  • Provide advanced users an access to the underlying dataset – the purpose is to grant a limited number of authorised users with advanced technical and programming skills sufficient autonomy to produce ad-hoc analysis and respond to specific analysis requirements. 

Apteco FastStats® is at the heart of the project, with all subsequent applications and analysis fed from the Apteco Marketing Suite™ system.

The Apteco Solution

The IFL Forum license the Apteco Marketing Suite™ via their chosen Apteco approved reseller Adroit. Adroit were tasked with implementing the vision of project, specifically to produce a concise and highly visual analysis on key trends, deliver a business intelligence solution that could be securely and remotely accessed by agreed users and to provide advanced users an access to the underlying dataset.

Apteco FastStats
Apteco FastStats

One application, called Indigo, is loaded from the Apteco’s FastStats analytics system and currently contains non-personal data for 76 million donors and 400 million+ gift records, and can be accessed by each organisations' analysts.

In 2017 the study involved over 80 individual organisations and markets, including European, Asian, North & South American markets, and allowed for 100 selected users. Apteco FastStats® was at the heart of the solution.

The impact on the business

Delivering actionable insights

An extensive Excel application was developed and fed directly from Apteco FastStats®. This allowed users to cut and slice predefined highly visual informational dashboards by a variety of different filters, allowing fundraising program managers to drill-down into the information in more detail, producing clear actionable insights & accurate metrics in each market


Actionable insights

Driving targets & best practice

A detailed Global & Country Trends Analysis identifying key trends and opportunities was produced, using information straight from the Apteco FastStats® system.

Customer Retention

Driving targets

Global Training Strategy

Over 88 multi-lingual users, spread across the globe were trained to use Apteco FastStats®. Adroit produced over 20 support videos with informational and "how to" videos as well as supporting documentation guides and webinars.


+88 multi-lingual global users

Global engagement & understanding

The Apteco FastStats® system allowed different user groups & fundraising analysts from across the globe to securely and remotely access data and enabled them to delve deeper into the data to produce more bespoke analysis for their organisations.

Increase in Revenue

Deeper analysis & understanding

The Apteco Marketing Suite is the integral engine which is at the centre of all the actionable strategic insights, and now plays a vital role in shaping the global fundraising strategy for all these major NGOs with a combined annual individual giving income in excess of $3.1 billion US Dollars per annum.

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