Finalist: Best use of the Apteco Marketing Suite Award 2017

Everton & Qbase

Working closely with Qbase, Everton FC’s data scientist has developed powerful uses for the Apteco Marketing Suite™, helping the Club to gain an enhanced level of invaluable insight into Season Ticket Holders


Everton FC
Industry Sector
Key Marketing Objective
Win the hearts and minds of its fans to ensure a full stadium at Goodison Park

The Challenge

The club wanted to be in the best possible position to sell every season ticket for the 2017/2018 campaign. To do this, Everton FC first needed to clearly identify its supporter groups and the Season Ticket Holder (STH) retention risks. 

After creating a single customer view of their STHs using FastStats®, Everton FC achieved an enhanced level of insight and reporting capability never seen before at the Club. With their bespoke and broad use of the Apteco FastStats® software tools, they also performed a detailed analysis of ‘churn’ risk. This included examining retention levels in previous seasons across a multitude of factors, including proximity to the stadium, tenure, ticket class, seat position within the stadium and purchase date.  

The platform also enabled Everton FC to understand and segment their fans into attitudinal groups. This allowed personalisation of marketing efforts designed to appeal to the attitudes and behaviour of each fan segment, which increased open and conversion rates. The data intelligence derived from the Club’s use of FastStats also led to the introduction of new pricing models to retain younger fans.

Prior to FastStats®, Everton’s knowledge of STHs was limited as it gave no indication of risk factor. How likely a STH was to renew (or not) and driving influences behind buying decisions were a relative unknown. 

The Apteco Marketing Suite™ was incredibly useful. With a few days to go, we had 10,000 tickets to sell to hit target, but we knew most of these fans were low risk meaning vital marketing resources were not used needlessly.

The Apteco Solution

The Insight Team called on Apteco partner and leading data solutions specialist Qbase, to support their implementation of FastStats®. Working closely with Qbase, Everton FC’s data scientist has developed powerful uses for the Apteco Marketing Suite™.

Apteco FastStats
Apteco FastStats
FastStats Geo
FastStats Geo
FastStats Modelling
FastStats Modelling

Using the Apteco Marketing Suite™, Everton accessed an enhanced level of insight, producing a risk analysis highlighting challenges to fan retention including high churn rates amongst new STHs, late purchasers (demonstrating potentially lower engagement with the club) and younger supporters moving to higher price category.

Apteco FastStats® was used to delve into a host of metrics, with results never seen before by the club. With the insight Everton gained through utilising the Apteco Marketing Suite™, a record-breaking marketing campaign for retention was conducted.

The impact on the business

Increase in retention of young fans

Based on risk factor and segmentation data, marketing initiatives were introduced to reduce churn risk.  


16% increase in retention

Renewals of high risk fans

Along with the renewal campaign, the Club ran a parallel initiative to grow interest in new STHs for 2017/18. With the insight gained using the Apteco Marketing Suite, communications were targeted to fans increasing the number of individuals wanting to purchase a season ticket by 12,500.

Customer Retention

85% of high risk fans renewed

Additional revenue from personalised marketing

Supporter segmentation information allowed personalised communications to be sent to appeal to the attributes and behaviour of different groups of Everton fans. Open and conversion rates also increased as a result. 


£300k increase in revenue 

Record retention rates

With the insight Everton gained through utilising the Apteco Marketing Suite, a record-breaking marketing campaign for retention was conducted for 2017/2018 Season Ticket Holders.

Increase in Revenue

94% overall retention – a record

The Apteco Marketing Suite™ is not only a critical part of our insight analysis, but a driving force behind personalised communications, supporting the Club’s goal to be “The People’s Club” for generations to come.

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