Infographic: Mapping out the customer journey and other key data trends

Analysing the key findings and stats from Apteco’s “Are you on board with the customer journey?” report

Trending upwards

During the annual Apteco User Group Conference, we survey hundreds of companies in the campaign management and customer insight space. We do this to tease out nuggets of knowledge that help marketers make sense of some of the trends and strategies that are most important and prominent in the industry. Our Data Trends Report 2019 has just been released, with a number of interesting findings.

In total, over 270 marketers took part in this year’s survey, 60% of whom work for organisations of over 250 people. And keeping it real-time meant keeping it real: with only a few moments to respond, the data they gave was at its rawest and most honest.

Respondents were evenly divided between techs and marketers – with, of course, a degree of overlap. So here it is: Apteco’s 2019 look at what’s trending in data.

So despite downturns with programmatic advertising and artificial intelligence, it looks like they’re speed bumps, not roadblocks. Everyone’s attention is right where it should be – the customer, their journey towards you, and their experience along it.

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Melanie Davis

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Melanie Davis has been Marketing Manager at Apteco Ltd since 2007. Her role in driving the FastStats® brand to support Apteco’s partner channel includes a wide range of marketing activities from advertising and website development to exhibitions and events. Melanie has worked as a B2B marketer in the data and direct marketing industry for over 14 years and is responsible for the annual FastStats® user group conference which now attracts over 250 delegates.