Infographic: fresh trends in customer-centric data

What can we learn from the facts and stats inside Apteco’s “Customer Centric Data Trends 2018” report?

When marketers talk about “trending topics”, we’re often indicating what we would like to happen, rather than useful findings driven by data. It’s an example of the quote by poet Andrew Lang, who compared the selective use of statistics to the way a drunk uses a lamppost – more for support than illumination.

The “Customer Centric Data Trends 2018” report from Apteco is different.

We’ve analysed survey results from 300 customer insight and data analytics professionals to get a real picture of current and future marketing trends. We all know what customer journeys are, but how many marketers are using them effectively? Are artificial intelligence and machine learning having genuine impact in the marketing world? And what’s going on with the acronym we all know and love, GDPR?

This infographic draws together key points from the report across six main areas, giving you a useful taste of how the full report can inform and improve your marketing campaigns in 2018.

Big numbers? Big trends. And they’re not the only ones. For the big picture of what companies are thinking hardest about this year, download your own copy of Apteco’s “Customer Centric Data Trends 2018” today.

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Melanie Davis

Marketing Manager

Melanie Davis has been Marketing Manager at Apteco Ltd since 2007. Her role in driving the FastStats® brand to support Apteco’s partner channel includes a wide range of marketing activities from advertising and website development to exhibitions and events. Melanie has worked as a B2B marketer in the data and direct marketing industry for over 14 years and is responsible for the annual FastStats® user group conference which now attracts over 250 delegates.