Data driven marketing...that doesn’t drive you mad

A blow-by-blow guide to the numbers shaping your data-driven marketing

Numbers aren’t everything. Oh, wait. Maybe they are. As the business world drills ever deeper into stats, metrics, measures, and formulas - and marketing departments connect the dots to make strategy - it’s fair to say that numbers matter a lot.

But which numbers matter most, and what are marketers using them for? As you’ll see in this SlideShare, they divide into six areas.

First comes their relation to marketing automation, and the way companies are drawing different data sources together into a bird’s-eye-view of the customer. Then Big Data, and how critical analysis is delivering actionable insights from unstructured info. There’s the exciting events of the cloud: how outsourced applications are allowing data to be manipulated and moved in new ways, with the move towards mobile creating new classes of behaviour. While the twin peaks of real-time and multi-channel marketing are forcing customer focus to be right here, right now.

Let’s take a look at the numbers shaping this bright new world.

Surprised? Don’t be. These numbers came from the real world - real marketers, answering real questions. If you found some of them too old-school or risk-averse, think again. These people are mixing whiz-bang modernity with the tried-and-true simply because it works for them.

The overarching theme? That all these media are being connected up. The customer you wrote a letter to yesterday is downloading your mobile app today; the inbound call this morning came from a data-mining insight last week. Everything’s connected. Why not see how, by connecting with us?


  • 19% of companies are using the cloud…. but even more are wary of it
  • Just 1 in every 20 marketers doesn’t plan to use marketing automation.
  • 12% of marketers are already using live data to drive their campaigns