About Us

Apteco is a privately owned software development business specialising in marketing data analysis and automation solutions. Originally established in 1987 as a database consultancy we soon started work on massive databases, and the Apteco Marketing Suite of data analysis and campaign automation products was born.


The founders have stayed together throughout the years and continue today to develop innovative, industry leading data analysis and marketing automation solutions.


We are financially strong and continue to achieve sales growth year on year. With no external backers demanding returns we continue to invest heavily in the next generation of the Apteco Marketing Suite of solutions.

Our team of dedicated developers, support consultants and project managers continues to grow in order to support our international partner network of marketing service providers in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. There are now more than 500 Apteco Marketing Suite systems worldwide and over 3,700 users, including 500 campaign management users across 100 systems.

Here is a light-hearted look back in time to when Apteco was founded in 1987. This animation was created for the 2015 Apteco Marketing Suite™ User Group Conference held at The British Museum in London.